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    Healthcare is an ever expanding field of new technology and advances in medicine that are all in place to provide the best care for patients. Here at Paladin we understand that keeping your Healthcare Facility up to date on the latest in Patient Care Systems is a top priority. Our staff can sit down with your Clinical Team and review the needs they require to be more efficient in handling patient care. Paladin offers a full line of Nurse Call Patient Systems that can be customized to your facility. We have the ability to provide a complete solution including Nurse Call devices, Wireless Handsets programed to receive Nurse Call Alerts, ways to improve workflow, and even the ability to bring other systems like Monitoring and Telemetry into a single integrated Solution.

    Paladin also offers product lines in RTLS and Infant Abduction to provide safety and security to patients as well as newborns. Our systems can alarm and even lock doors in the event an Alert Tag is detected in an unauthorized area.

    With our RTLS we can even offer a solution for Infection Control. Our solution can provide detailed reporting as to when Staff wash in and out of patient rooms and give you the ability to stay compliant with federal guidelines. In addition, the RTLS solution can provide Doctor Interaction Reports for your Critical Care Facilities and help to eliminate manual logging.

    We know that in Healthcare, time is very critical in providing care to your patients. Let us help make you even more efficient with your time!

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