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    Assisted Living and Senior Care Facilities are an integral part of enhancing our lives as we age. Here at Paladin we know the importance of making sure your residents have the best means of alerting staff for help and for staff to check in on their residents to provide more efficient care. Paladin offers many product lines that can work within your facility to improve the care you provide. Our Resident Call Systems can be tailored to fit your needs. We offer hard-wired and wireless systems that can provide your residents the ability to signal for help or check-in. Each line not only provides wall mounted Resident Stations but can also provide your residents the ability to move about freely with the use of lanyard or wrist worn call pendants. These systems can also provide you with full reporting capabilities to provide rounding information and improve productivity.

    In addition to our Resident Call Systems, we offer solutions for those in Memory Care units. Paladin can provide Elopement Systems to insure that residents do not wander to areas that are unsafe or that could cause a resident distress or harm. These systems can alert staff with audible tones and even lock doors to prevent entry. Our RTLS product line can even provide Resident Locating to all staff to locate residents in need of help faster as they move about your facility.

    Let Paladin sit down with your team to provide a solution that helps improve your residents care and provide your staff with the tools needed to be more efficient.

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