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    Paladin strives to provide their customers with the most up to date and code compliant equipment that is being utilized in today’s markets. We have found that Area of Rescue Two-Way Communication Systems are becoming increasingly prominent in a variety of new construction and existing retrofits.

    Two-Way Communication Systems are designed to provide a location for building occupants, who may be physically impaired and cannot evacuate without assistance, to be able to assemble by an exit or other dedicated location and await assistance or instructions by the first responders.

    According to the Ohio Building Code Section 1007.8, Two-Way Communication Systems shall be provided in the elevator landing on each accessible floor that is one or more stories above or below the story of exit discharge. This requirement applies to all new construction buildings, regardless of use, occupancy, and the existence of a sprinkler system, as well as buildings receiving extensive renovations.

    Paladin has been providing a variety of Two-Way Communication solutions in the Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio area for the last 27 years, and will gladly assist you with all of your Area of Rescue Two-Way Communication System needs.

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