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Product Spotlight - Thermal Radar


Protect your perimeter from the inside-out. The first of its kind, 360 degree panoramic thermal imaging combined with state of the art software analytics. Deploying Thermal Radar decreases typical perimeter devices required and infrastructure project costs. Contact Paladin at 216-441-6500 to provide detailed project specifications. 


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    Paladin has been providing Fire Alarm installations and service in the Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio areas for 27 years. Our Team’s excellence within the Notifier product line has allowed us to be selected as a Notifier Premier Dealer. This selection is based on Paladin having the Highest Level of Commitment to Training, Industry Knowledge, Customer Service, and Support.

    Paladin works with the Engineering community in specifying and designing Fire Alarm Systems. As our client needs grow and develop, Paladin also provides customized designs and specifications for them. Paladin provides specialized designs in Graphical Interfaces, Voice Communications, Multi-Criteria Detection, Gas Detection, Air Sampling Detection, IP Dialers, Linear Heat Detection, Wireless Detection, and Hazardous Locations.

    In addition to the services listed above, Paladin works with our customers when it is time to retro fit a failing system. This type of service can be provided for any existing Fire Alarm manufacturer you may currently have in your facility.

    Let our Team of Professionals help you with all of your detection needs.