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Product Spotlight - Thermal Radar


Protect your perimeter from the inside-out. The first of its kind, 360 degree panoramic thermal imaging combined with state of the art software analytics. Deploying Thermal Radar decreases typical perimeter devices required and infrastructure project costs. Contact Paladin at 216-441-6500 to provide detailed project specifications. 


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    Paladin has been designing, installing and servicing various Auditorium Sound Systems for over 20 years with our highly skilled and certified staff. We have specialized in everything from small systems for Elementary School auditoriums to large systems for Broadway style theaters. We offer a large variety of speaker choices consisting of recessed ceiling mounted speakers, wall mount speakers, large speaker arrays and steerable line arrays. Paladin also offers both analog and digital head end equipment to make your sound system the best it can be. We offer DSPs that are capable of handling both AVB and Dante enabled devices to allow you to run your audio over existing Cat5 or Cat6 network cabling instead of making long difficult cable pulls to add new devices. Paladin carries a wide range of mixing consoles from four port analog consoles to the biggest digital consoles imaginable. Contact us now for a sound system evaluation and let us rock your auditorium.