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    Paladin can service all of your Paging and Intercom needs. Over the past 20 years, we have provided systems for many schools from a simple one-way audio paging system to notify staff of any needs building wide to a more elaborate two-way communication system in classrooms with emergency call-in buttons that will allow the instructor to contact office employees to notify that help is needed.

    Paladin has also done many intercoms for multi-story apartment complexes with audio only systems to alert tenants of a guest requesting access or a full video system with door release that would allow the tenant to visually see and interact with the guest in order to let them inside the building. We are also able to integrate paging systems with virtually any third party system for applications such as Fire Department Dispatch or building wide emergency alert system. 

    Paladin not only does analog paging systems but we also provide IP based systems for multi-location warehouses or manufacturing facilities. These systems allow zone paging to a single facility/area or to the entire complex to notify employees of an emergency situation.

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