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    Paladin is a leader in designing, procuring, installing and servicing Access Control systems. By leveraging the best sourced products and our relationships with top manufacturers, we have been able to stay in the forefront of security technology.         

    Credential based Access Control systems provide physical access control to secure spaces by utilizing individual permissions. This is accomplished with encrypted badges, bio-metrics, or facial recognition that is specific to each individual. Each form of authentication is assigned permission levels permitting or denying access into specific spaces. All access transactions can be monitored real-time and achieved for future reporting functions.

    Access Control systems, when integrated with other security systems, can function as your Security Management suite. When security platforms are integrated, access control events can be mapped with CCTV IP video stream. The integrated events can be seen live, streamlining guard reaction protocols and decreasing the time your staff takes responding to emerging threats. When integrated events are archived, the creation of case evidence timeliness is unassuming.    

    Access Control systems can be integrated into various third party non-security related systems to streamline your business flow. Examples would be to automatically populate internal Human Resource databases, or upload to out-sourced payroll services. These third party interfaces can be designed and facilitated by our certified technical staff.      

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