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    Paladin has been deploying Video Surveillance since their inception in 1990. The industry and technology has improved immensely over the years, and so has Paladin. With Paladins foresight, improving Video Surveillance Systems and the digital advancements in IP Networking, we have created best in class solutions for all our client needs.   

    Digital Video Surveillance enables end-users to monitor, live or recorded, closed capture video streams securely anywhere in the world. This is accomplished by deploying IP cameras throughout a physical area to be visually monitored and integrated into an IP Network. The encrypted video streams are managed through a Video Management System, which includes software and server recording hardware. Together these systems are extremely scalable to fit today’s needs and any future expansions that may be necessary.

    When deploying IP cameras in any physical locations, many considerations must be thought through with the wide-array of camera manufactures and various integrated technologies embedded. Paladin’s design application specialist will choose the correct camera and analytic technology for your application. Additionally, Paladin will conduct an in-depth site survey to suggest the level of video management system that best fits your company’s needs.  

    Most Video Management Systems can integrate with your new or existing security systems that may already be deployed. Alarm points from various systems can trigger actions within your system to send live video streams to predetermined workstations, or send video clip recordings to specific email addresses. The level of integration is not only a powerful tool to streamline your business workflow, but allow more time to investigate current threats. All integration packages can be discussed with our Expert Sales Team during our next site visit.  


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