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    When Paladin was founded in 1990, the core business was Intrusion Detection Systems. This core solution and service has not changed over the years. Paladin has protected all types of facilities throughout Ohio in Commercial, Retail, Corporate, Correctional, Utilities, Sporting Venues, House of Worship, Municipalities, and Healthcare Facilities.  

    Intrusion Alarm Systems consist of software, controller hardware, and field detection devices. As a system, Intrusion Alarm provides automatic alerts when physical events or activities violate security policies. These alarms can be monitored real-time by on-site facility guards that react to each security breach, or can be monitored by a Central Station facility. Facilities that are monitored by a certified Central Station will be notified via phone, email or SMS Text of any security violations.

    Security detection devices include a wide array of technologies to include basic contacts, motion sensors, glass break detectors and photo beam detection as well as more sophisticated devices that measure the detected areas thermal signatures. Intrusion Alarm Systems can provide basic security functions, or can be integrated into Security Management Systems for a more comprehensive security system. Whatever your facility needs are, Paladin has the expertise to design a solution that meets your security requirements.         


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