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    What are Telephone Entry Systems, and how can the Paladin Team help you? Telephone Entry Systems are typically used in apartments, condominiums, and gated communities to allow access to residents’ visitors. Typically, Entry Systems are placed in lobbies, gate entrances, and at times, placed on the exterior of the facility adjacent to the Visitor Entrance. These systems allow two-way communications with visitors and residents. Telephone Entry Systems allow residents, via home or mobile phone, to open entry doors or provide gate access to visitors. 

    Paladin’s Entry products are also beneficial to leasing offices, building managers, and maintenance staff. The solution our Team provides allows us to integrate Telephone Entry, Access Control, and Gate Interface into one database. This one source solution allows our customers to add new residents into the Telephone Entry System and the Access Control database in one simple and easy solution without having to leave your office.  

    With our years of industry experience, we know that every application is different! Please contact our Team of Professionals and let us provide you with a customized solution that fits your facilities needs.              

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