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Product Spotlight - Thermal Radar


Protect your perimeter from the inside-out. The first of its kind, 360 degree panoramic thermal imaging combined with state of the art software analytics. Deploying Thermal Radar decreases typical perimeter devices required and infrastructure project costs. Contact Paladin at 216-441-6500 to provide detailed project specifications. 


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    With Paladin’s industry experience, we know that quality Central Station Monitoring is a must. Paladin provides UL and FM-approved monitoring services for both commercial and residential customers’ needs. Our portfolio allows us to provide monitoring of Fire Alarm, Intrusion, Elevators, and Area of Rescue Systems. Our services can be used nationwide with our toll free monitoring service.

    Our team knows that technology is evolving and so are your monitoring needs. Paladin’s monitoring resources also include the ability to monitor your system over IP communications, radio, and cellular formats. This is just another way that we can help you eliminate costs and add to your bottom line.

    So when you are looking for quality when it comes to Central Station Monitoring, look to Paladin as a resource you can trust and depend on.