Amazon Key for Business - FREE!!!!

Efficient package delivery receipts are important to facilities and Property Managers. Paladin has teamed up with Amazon to provide Key for Business – a new faster, more efficient way for Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings and Condominiums to receive Amazon packages.

Amazon Key for Business can help reduce the time you spend managing deliveries (up to 10 minutes per package according to the Wall Street Journal) and eliminate the stress of lost and stolen packages.

How it Works

  • A Paladin Consultant will visit your location to determine the location for the new device and obtain pertinent delivery information details from you.
  • Paladin technician’s will then install the Key for Business device in your building at no charge to you. It is compatible with most electrical Access Control Systems, and installation is typically quick and easy.
  • Because of Amazon’s broad delivery window, packages can arrive almost anytime throughout the day or evening, every single day.

Top 5 Benefits of Key for Business

1. Safety and Security
Amazon deliveries reach their destinations more frequently, and Amazon drivers are only given time-bound permission to enter and securely deliver packages after being verified via the Amazon Delivery App.
2. More Accurate Deliveries
3. Financial Savings for You
4. Streamlined Process
5. Free and Seamless


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