Protect your facilities and employees with a complete Security System solution from Paladin. Your Security System should do much more than just sound an alarm when there’s an intrusion. High-functioning systems provide a blanket of security with features and functions that enable you to protect employees, facilities, and businesses effectively.

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems have multiple components including: software, controllers, and a variety of detection devices. As a system, an Intrusion Alarm provides automatic alerts when physical events or activities violate security protocols. The alarms can be monitored in real time by on-site facility personnel or can be monitored by a Central Station. Facilities that are monitored by a certified Central Station will be notified via phone, email, and/or SMS text message if any security violation occurs.

The key security detection devices can incorporate a wide variety of technologies which include: basic Contacts, Motion Sensors, Glass Break Detectors, and Photo Beam Detectors. More advanced devices can measure detected areas thermal signatures.

An Intrusion System can integrate with your Fire Safety Alarm, Security, Access Control and business security cameras/surveillance (CCTV) systems.

Paladin can design a system to accommodate a wide range of needs, from small facilities to large partitioned systems.

Since 1990, Paladin has protected facilities of all types throughout Ohio in commercial, corporate, retail, utilities, sporting venues, house of worship, municipalities, health care, warehousing and correctional.

Our team of trained and certified professionals is ready to help design a custom solution for you!

DMP Intrusion Systems


DMP XR150 / XR550 Series

DMP has released its latest new panels, the XR150/550 Series. Their 32-bit processors operate at 20 times the speed of the DMP XR500 panel; with 10/100 Ethernet auto-sensing that always ensures the fastest-possible network connection. The new panels deliver powerful access control capabilities, and provide dealers with additional options for each installation. The XR550 panel includes built-in LX buses, so there is no need to purchase or install additional cards for panel expansion. In addition to faster speeds, all three panels offer enhanced access control features, including 99 programmable schedules for areas, doors, profiles, outputs and Z-Wave® favorites. For systems equipped with Z-Wave control of lights, locks, thermostats, etc., the panel offers up to 20 favorites, which incorporate commands up to 25 Z-Wave devices each. The optional plug-on CDMA Verizon and HSPA+ AT&T cellular communicators allow for MyAccess™, the DMP App, and Central Station connections. Our exclusive Adaptive Technology™ and the availability of up to eight communication paths provide a multi-level communication backup that ensures a constant connection between the panel and the central station.
  • The XR150 features 142 inputs, 8 keypads = 32 zones, 1 built-in LX Bus (100zones), and 10,000 user codes with 99 profiles. It provides ease of programming, dialer and network connectivity, systems integration, flash updates plus intuitive operation designed with end-users in mind. Includes 50VA transformer. Compatible with all DMP 1100 Series Wireless and Keypads including the 7800 series. Supports the DMP App. Option to add technology later to expand capabilities, including wireless or cellular (CDMA or HSPA+). The XR150 supports up to 8 doors of access (via 7073 or 734/734N).
  • The XR550 features 574 inputs, 10 On-Board Zones, 16 keypads = 64 zones, 5 built-in LX Bus (100 Zones per LX), and 10,000 user codes with 99 profiles. It provides ease of programming, dialer & network connectivity, systems integration, flash updates plus intuitive operation designed with end-users in mind. Includes 50VA transformer. Compatible with all DMP Keypads including the 7800 Series. The XR550 supports 32 doors of access (via 7073 or 734/734N) and upgradable to support 96 doors of access.

Honeywell Intrusion Systems


Honeywell Vista Series

Designed to work together seamlessly, Honeywell Security products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging.

Paladin offers a variety of devices that are custom designed for your facility to provide the best security solution for you.

The VISTA-128BPT is a powerful member of the Honeywell family of commercial alarm panels, integrating burglary, CCTV and access control functions. Many features are available that extend the applications of the VISTA-128BPT while simplifying end-user operation.

The VISTA-128BPT and VISTA-128BPTSIA are listed for residential burglary, residential fire and commercial burglary applications (see agency listings in this document for more details). They are compatible with a wide range of AlarmNet communications products for alarm reporting, uploading /downloading and remote services.

Also Available: VISTA-250, VISTA-40, and VISTA-50

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